Are you already certified in Companion Animal Diseases?

If you have one of the following certifications in Companion Animal Diseases you may begin the Master programme directly at the specialisation track:

  • From Sweden: Swedish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Swedish known as Steg 1
  • From Norway: Norwegian specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Norwegian known as Specialisering i veterinærmedisin, spesialitet smådyr
  • From Finland: Finnish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Finnish known as Pieneläinsairauksien erikoiseläinlääkäri
  • From Denmark: DVA in Small Animal Diseases, in Danish known as certificeret fagdyrlæge i sygdomme hos hunde og katte.

How to apply?

If you are interested in enrolling directly at a specialisation track and have one of the certifications mentioned above you must:

  1. Apply for admission at the Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science.
  2. When applying for admission you must upload documentation for your certification in small/companion animal diseases. Please note, that your certification must be up to date.
    1. Read more on the recertification of the DVA certification (Link in Danish)
    2. Read more on the recertification of the NVA specialist (Link in Norwegian)
    3. SVA and FVA specialists do not have a recertification practice. The admission committee for the Master programme will evaluate if the competencies of the applicant still is up to date.

The applicants will be enrolled at a flexible Master programme in Companion Animal Clinical Science and will be able to follow the specialisation modules and Master project with the other Master students.


If you have questions please contact