Dr. Hans Westermeyer


Dr. Hans Westermeyer is a nomad. He grew up in South America (Chile and Bolivia) and lived there until he finished high school. Then he completed a BS in Biochemistry at Union College, in Lincoln Nebraska. From there he moved to Columbia, Missouri to complete his DVM. His internship and residency training were in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a 1-year research fellowship in California (UC Davis) in between. Immediately after residency training and becoming a Dipl. ACVO he moved to Hong Kong to work in a busy private ophthalmology specialty practice. Private practice was exciting, but he missed the challenge of teaching and research. In 2015, he moved back to the United States to join the ophthalmology faculty at North Carolina State University, where he is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Ophthalmology. 

His primary research interest is in canine primary glaucoma and its surgical treatment.  However, he has also conducted and published research in other areas of ophthalmology including cataract surgery in sea turtles and assessment of ocular pain in dogs.  He has also contributed to several book chapters including the chapter on Glaucoma in the 4th edition of Equine Ophthalmology (Gilger BC, Editor). He has a keen interest in microsurgery and is always on the lookout for innovative surgical ways to treat ophthalmic disease.