Dr. Michala de Linde Henriksen

DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVO

We are very grateful to have Dr. de Linde Henriksen as co-course responsible at the Master's programme where she will participate in the organisation and lecturing of the Ophthalmology specialisation track.

Dr. de Linde Henriksen is a veterinary ophthalmologist from Colorado State University (CSU). She has an extensive publication list (see below) and is a highly experienced speaker with in the area of veterinary ophthalmology.


Dr. de Linde Henriksen is originally from Denmark where she received her DVM degree in 2005 from University of Copenhagen. Her comparative ophthalmology residency was performed at University of Florida and her PhD in equine ophthalmology is from University of Copenhagen/University of Florida. Dr. Henriksen has worked as an assistant professor in comparative ophthalmology at CSU since July 2017. She came to CSU from University of Minnesota where she worked as a clinical assistant professor in comparative ophthalmology for four years (2013-2017).

Dr. Henriksen loves mountain hiking with her French bulldog ‘Frieda’ and her chocolate Labrador ‘Alma’ in her spare time.


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