Internal Medicine – University of Copenhagen

Master’s degree in Companion Animal Internal Medicine

Modern small animal veterinary practitioners are continuously met with higher demands and expectances to level of expertise, advanced diagnostic work-up and various treatment modalities.

The small animal Internal Medicine programme is a 2-year specialisation course consisting of 3 modules and a Masters thesis.
The programme has a strong emphasis on practical sessions and case-based approaches applicable for implementation at specialised Companion Animal Clinics.

Practical sessions (wet labs) included in the Internal Medicine Master’s programme are;

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging, including abdominal ultrasonography workshops.
  • Endoscopy workshops (broncho-, gastroduodeno- and colonoscopy)
  • Interpretation sessions of advanced CT and MRI in internal medicine
  • Practical and diagnostic cytological exams including accurate sampling and advanced interpretation with regards to hematological, infectious and critical medical diseases.


The modules are each a 5 days on-site course at the University Hospital for Companion Animals, Copenhagen University.
The modules consists of a combination of theoretical lectures, case-based workshops and practical wet-labs and are divided into

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Behind the track

The course responsible for the specialisation track in Internal Medicine is:


Already certified/specialist? Apply for enrolment directly at the Internal Medicine specialisation track.

See if you have the certification to enroll directly at the specialisation track.
  • From Sweden: Swedish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Swedish known as Steg 1
  • From Norway: Norwegian specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Norwegian known as Specialisering i veterinærmedisin, spesialitet smådyr
  • From Finland: Finnish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Finnish known as Pieneläinsairauksien erikoiseläinlääkäri
  • From Denmark: DVA in Small Animal Diseases, in Danish known as certificeret fagdyrlæge i sygdomme hos hunde og katte.

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