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Master’s degree in Companion Animal Surgery

Modern small animal veterinary practitioners are continuously met with higher demands and expectances to level of expertise, advanced diagnostic work-up and surgical procedures.

"The programme has given us insight in some new techniques that we have been practicing. In the first module in soft tissue surgery we were presented for techniques that I have not used in my practice and that I will consider using in the future. I found this very exciting.

Ken Lindeblad, Evidensia Faxe Animal Hospital

The small animal Surgery programme is a 2-year specialisation course consisting of 3 modules and a Masters thesis.

The programme has a strong emphasis on practical in vivo wet labs and case-based approaches applicable for implementation at specialised Companion Animal Clinics. The daily practical sessions during all 3 modules (in vivo wet labs) in the Surgical Master’s programme include;

  • Gastro-intestinal incl. sutured and stapled anastomosis
  • Hepatobiliary and urinary tract surgery
  • Thoracic surgery (lung lobectomy, congenital cardiac malformations)
  • Fracture biomechanics, surgery and management
  • Hip joint disorders including femoral head and neck excision, stabilization techniques of the hip, and total hip surgery
  • Knee joint and patellar disorders including meniscectomy, arthrotomy, trochlear recession, tibial tuberosity transposition, lateral imbrication
  • Surgical management of fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, oral cancer, mastocytoma, mammary cancer and reconstructive surgical techniques used for cancer patients.


The modules are each a 5 days on-site course at the University Hospital for Companion Animals, University of Copenhagen. The modules consists of a combination of theoretical lectures, case-based workshops and practical in-vivo wet-labs and are divided into

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Behind the track

The Course Responsible at the specialisation track in Companion Animal Surgery is:

Other lecturers:

Lecturers with specialist knowledge in the field will be invited to contribute.

Already certified/specialist? Apply for enrolment directly at the Surgery specialisation track.

See if you have the certification to enroll directly at the specialisation track.
  • From Sweden: Swedish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Swedish known as Steg 1
  • From Norway: Norwegian specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Norwegian known as Specialisering i veterinærmedisin, spesialitet smådyr
  • From Finland: Finnish specialist in diseases of dogs and cats, in Finnish known as Pieneläinsairauksien erikoiseläinlääkäri
  • From Denmark: DVA in Small Animal Diseases, in Danish known as certificeret fagdyrlæge i sygdomme hos hunde og katte.

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