Anders P. Jensen – University of Copenhagen

Acquired new knowledge through the programme

Anders P. Jensen, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark 1999.

Veterinarian at AniCura Københavns Dyrehospital (Copenhagen Animal Hospital).

The interview was conducted while Anders was enrolled at the Master programme, just finishing his third obligatory module.

The need for a systematic and unified approach to patients

Anders' motivation for enrolling at the Master programme was based on the desire for obtaining new skills in the treatment of patients:” I would like to have a broader and updated theoretical knowledge and at the same time a unified and systematic approach to my patients".

For Anders his expectations are fulfilled: ”In the Master programme there has been focus on acquiring the newest knowledge. This gives me tools I can use in my practice and continue to work with after the programme. For example when we in class have presented a case from our own practice and received structured feedback. Then you can incorporate it in your work in the future.”

Examinations as a source of learning 

Anders experienced that after a number of years in the labor market, he needed to gain new competencies: “You cannot do it all right away. But every time you have been to class you gain new knowledge. Sometimes you need the push that a professor or a tutor can give and thereby your competencies are expanded.”   

In the beginning Anders particularly found the exams time consuming: “The written exams have been difficult for me because I have been away from the studies for a long time. But as times go and you get more efficient the assignments take less time. The possibility to seek literature from home with a good cup of coffee and not have to go to the library is a great help.”


The exams where often based on a case we have brought with us from our own daily life. I found that incredible educational and beneficial

Anders P. Jensen, AniCura Københavns Dyrehospital

On the other hand Anders also highlights the examinations as a huge source of learning: “The exams were often a case we had brought with us from our daily life. I found that incredible educational and beneficial. I also found it educational to present my experiences to fellow students. Subsequently, there has been a multiple choice exam which also has been good because you had the opportunity to take it from home. It makes it easier to set the time aside for the exam when you do not need to travel somewhere.”

Competent lecturers has moved the practices

Behind the lectures is a team of national and international scientists. For Anders especially the international experts stand out:  ”On the medical part of the compulsory courses we have been taught by Professor Jane Armstrong, who was fantastic, and on the surgery part we have been taught by Dr. Gert ter Haar who also was exceptional.”


I have been given the opportunity to update myself in a relatively easy and manageable way

Anders P. Jensen, AniCura Københavns Dyrehospital

Anders has been able to implement a lot from the modules in his own practice:  ”I think it is a very good programme that has given me tools to optimize my diagnostic approach to patients. I have had the opportunity to update myself in a relatively easy and manageable way.”


It is particularly the ability to get direct access to library articles databases that Anders so far have benefitted most from. This access has made it possible to seek the most recent available knowledge in relation to diagnostic and treatment: “When I have had a medical issue I have sought knowledge in different article databases about a treatment protocol or appropriate dose. I did not have this opportunity before.”