Programme structure

Study part-time

The Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science programme is a part-time programme equivalent to one year of full-time study (60 ECTS credits). It is designed to be completed within three years.


The programme consists of four compulsory courses, one elective specialisation track and a master’s project.
After completing the four compulsory courses, students will choose their specific area of specialisation.

Compulsory courses, 30 ECTS. Specialisation, 18 ECTS. Master's project, 12 ECTS

Note that applicants with recertified Certificate in Small Animal Diseases issued by the Danish Veterinary Association (DVA) can apply for enrolment directly at the specialisation track.

Applicants with one of the following certifications can also apply for enrolment as a flexible master student directly at the specialisation track:

From Sweden: SVA specialist in diseases of dogs and cats (Steg 1)
From Norway: NVA specialist in diseases of dogs and cats
From Finland: FVA specialist in diseases of dogs and cats

The modules should be completed in this order to obtain alignment and progression from one course to the next. All courses must be completed before the master's project can be completed.