Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science

The Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science is continuing education for veterinarians with at least 2 years of practical professional experience from companion animal practice.

Solid scientific and clinical expertise

You get a university-based continuing education in applied and advanced veterinary methodology, paraclinical skills and clinical decision making.

The master’s programme is closely linked to the reality and challenges in small animal practices and therefore practical workshops and in vivo operations are an important part of this post-graduate master's programme.

This master’s programme enables you and your clinic to offer your patients a treatment that is based on the newest research, best-practices from other clinics, and the latest technology.

Specialisations and courses

Choose a specialisation and advance your practice

At the Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science, you receive an in-depth and updated knowledge during the basic courses, which you continue to build upon during the advanced courses of the specialisation of your choice.

The specialisation enables you to bring unique knowledge and practical skills with you to implement in your daily work to the benefit of you, your clinic, and your patients.

You may enrol directly on a specialisation track if you hold a certification in Companion Animal Diseases from Denmark, Finland, Norway, or Sweden. Please consult the admission criteria for more details.

Course progression and physical attendance

Physical attendance is kept to a minimum, typically 5 or 6 consecutive days, so that the courses can be fitted into the busy schedule of a working professional.

The order of the courses ensure progression in the programme. According to the formal requirements, you must pass the preceding course(s) before starting the next.

Most courses are available only every second year.

Support you specialist training

The Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Veterinary Associations have preapproved selected courses on Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science as part of their official specialist education. This makes it simpler for you to document your acquired competences.

Programme duration

Part-time studying for full-time employees

This master’s programme is worth 60 ECTS credits and is equivalent to 1 year of full-time studying. It may be completed within 3 to 6 years of part-time studying. Full-time study is not an option.

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