Student at the University of Copenhagen

Studying at the University of Copenhagen

As a Master student at the University of Copenhagen you are enrolled in an academic institution which dates back to 1479 when the University was founded. Since then, it has developed into an internationally well-reputed institution which has fostered no less than 8 Nobel Prize winners in Physics and Medicine. Today, the University of Copenhagen has around 39,000 students and more than 7,000 employees, and is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark.

Education at the University of Copenhagen is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking. It combines traditional lectures and tutorials with teaching and assignments that will help you develop a critical approach, strong problem solving skills and collaborative skills. The learning environment is friendly and relaxed with students and teachers debating and exchanging their views in class. Students are expected to make active contributions in class to generate the most stimulating learning environment at the University and to prepare themselves for their future professional careers. Read more on the teaching methods of the Master programme


All of the Master of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences classes are situated at the University Hospital for Companion Animals at the Frederiksberg Campus.

Frederiksberg Campus hosts part of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Science with areas of studies including the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science as well as natural and biosciences. It is located a few kilometres west of the city centre in beautiful green surroundings. Frederiksberg is a popular residential area, and close to campus you also find Frederiksberg Have – a beautiful park loved by all Copenhageners.

Read more on the teaching facilities

Libraries and other offers

Students at the Master programme of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences gain all the benefits of being a student at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences including access to the university libraries and various student discounts.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has several libraries:

The Libraries are part of the Copenhagen University Library Service (CULIS).

"When I have had a medical issue I have sought knowledge in different article databases about a treatment protocol or appropriate dose. I did not have this opportunity before.”

Anders P. Jensen, Copenhagen Animal Hospital

As a student at the University of Copenhagen you will obtain access to all library services including online research articles.  You will be introduced to the search machines at the library enabling you to fully gain advantage of you library access.


Academic Books is the largest academic bookshop in Denmark. There are Academic Book shops at both Frederiksberg Campus and at Panum, North Campus.