Professor Laura Garrett

DVM, PhD, DACVIM-CA oncology

Laura Garrett

We have the pleasure of presenting a great capacity within companion animal clinical oncology, Dr. Laura Garrett as a lecturer at the Masters programme. Dr. Garrett is a Clinical Professor in oncology and Coordinator of Communication Training at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Garrett will participate in the teaching of the Oncology specialisation  of the Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science.


Dr. Garrett attained her DVM degree from University of Illinois in 1991, completed an internship at University of Minnesota, spent 2 years in private and referral practices, and then completed an oncology residency at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After working in a New Zealand specialty clinic, she was on faculty for 7 years at Kansas State University prior to returning to her alma mater.

Topics of publications include canine lymphoma, mast cell tumors, clinical trials, and communication; these mirror her main interests of therapeutic trials and teaching communication skills in the veterinary curriculum. 

She has four times received the student-nominated Mell Faculty Award for empathy and honouring the bond between owners and pets.