Partnership with The Danish Veterinary Association

Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science is offered in close collaboration with The Danish Veterinary Association (DVA). The partnership is founded on years of shared experience with offering continuing education and training for veterinarians.

The goal of the partnership is to offer continuing education and training that builds on the latest research and meets small animal practitioners need for practice related training.

DVA has since the 80ies offered the Danish Veterinary Association's two-year certification programme in Small Animal Diseases for companion animal practitioners, in Danish known as fagdyrlægeuddannelsen I sygdomme hos hunde og katte. Today the certification programme is integrated in the Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science and constitutes the first four modules (30 ECTS). Upon completion of these four modules, it is possible to apply for a DVA certificate in Small Animal Diseases, in Danish known as Fagdyrlæge vedrørende sygdomme hos hunde og katte. 

We see the integration of DVA’s competences and knowledge on the reality in small animal practices with University of Copenhagen's international recognised research knowledge and facilities as a breakthrough in continuing education for veterinarians.

”It is only through continuing education based on the latest research knowledge that Danish veterinarians can meet the increasing requirements of their profession from clients, authorities and the general public. Therefore, the approach of integrating DVA’s two-year certification with a master’s programme is the way forward for future continuing education of veterinarians.”

Carsten Jensen, chairman of the Danish Veterinary Association.