Specialisation track in Companion Animal Cardiology


The specialisation in Companion Animal Cardiology consists of the following courses:

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By following the specialisation track in Companion Animal Cardiology you will gain

  • Comprehensive theoretical and clinical knowledge relevant to practice cardiology in referral clinical settings
  • Experience and advanced level expertise in diagnostic work up of the cardiac patient including management of acute and chronic heart failure, the use of diagnostic tools including conventional and advanced echocardiography, interventional cardiology and Holter monitoring
  • Confidence in attending certification in national and international screening programs of inherited congenital and acquired heart diseases in purebred dogs and cats
  • Experience and advanced level expertise in cardiovascular pharmacology including antiarrhythmic drugs, diuretics, vasoactive agents and inotrops
  • Advanced level of knowledge and skills and competences within the approach to, assessment and management of the cardiovascular system in the perioperative patient and in non-cardiac patients in intensive care units

Specialisation responsible

The responsible course leader at the specialisation track in Companion Animal Cardiology is:

Lectures at the specialisation in Cardiology

Lecturers with specialist knowledge in the field will be invited to contribute

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