Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science (Dermatology)

The Master of Companion Animal Clinical Science is a 60 ECTS postgraduate education targeted small animal veterinarians seeking continuing professional development.

The master's programme consists of 4 basic courses, 3 advanced specialisation courses, and a master's project.

The courses are designed with a minimum of physical attendance. Each course requires 5 or 6 consecutive days at the University Hospital for Companion Animals at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Call opens: 1 October 2024
Application deadline: 1 May 2025

Specialisation in Companion Animal Dermatology

Modern small animal veterinary practitioners are continuously met with higher demands and expectances to level of expertise, advanced diagnostic work-up and various treatment modalities.

The Companion Animal Dermatology programme is a 2-year specialisation track consisting of 3 course modules and a Master's thesis.

The programme has a strong emphasis on practical sessions and case-based approaches applicable for implementation at specialised companion animal clinics.


Practical sessions (wet labs) included in the Dermatology master’s programme are;

  • Endoscopy workshops (video otoscopic examinations)
  • Interpretation sessions of advanced CT data of the ears (external canals and middle ear) of the dermatological patient
  • Practical and diagnostic cytological exams including accurate sampling and advanced interpretation with regards to dermatological diseases



Specialisation responsibles

The responsible course leaders of the specialisation track in Companion Animal Dermatology are:


NB: If you hold a Nordic certificate in Companion Animal Diseases, you may be admitted directly to the advanced courses. For more details, please consult the admission criteria.